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Step Up Institutional & Marketing Services is founded by Mr Mohit Verma under a well-established brand name ‘Step Up Student’. It is always said that ‘don’t look for a good institute, look for a good teacher.’ Similarly, Mr Mohit has been an inspiration for most of the students across the nation because of his teaching concepts & methods. Read more about Mohit Verma on LinkedInApart from that, SUIMS has covered A-Z of the Digital Marketing industry in its course material and business resources. Under the government initiative of Digital India, SUIMS is welcoming students and businesses to participate and win!

The following are some of the advantages of taking a Digital Marketing course at SUIMS:

 1. Skilled Trainer – ‘Don’t look for a good institute, look for a good teacher, as the saying goes. Similarly, Mr Mohit Verma‘s teaching concepts and methods have served as an inspiration to many students across the country.

 2. Scholarship Exam – Test your Digital Marketing knowledge before and after enrolling in the course. Additionally, depending on your test grade, you can receive a (%) scholarship discount.

 3. Placement Assistance – Paid internship and freelancing opportunities as a Web Designer, Digital Marketing Manager, E-commerce Manager, Marketing Director, PPC Search Manager, Social Media Marketing Executive, Content Developer, and more.

 4. Learning Mode – Both online and offline learning modes are available.

 5. Digital Marketing Tools – Paid website (hosted) for practical learning, including a domain name and web hosting for a year at no additional cost.

 6. Pocket-friendly – SUIMS course fee is 22,500/- INR. The average course fee of learning Digital Marketing is 50,000/- INR.

 7. No Eligibility Criteria – SUIMS welcomes students from all backgrounds to pursue a career in digital marketing.

The following are some of the benefits of using SUIMS’s Digital Marketing services:

 1. Economical Services – The cost of the SUIMS business package begins from 4,999/- INR. Digital Marketing services start at 25,000/- INR on average.

 2. Timely Reporting – Get detailed and measurable reports of your business project every week, which will assist you in informed decision making.

 3. Committed Team – SUIMS has a team of professionals who works day and night on your business just like, it’s theirs!

 4. Best Results – The team dedicates more time and effort to the business until the desired outcomes are obtained. Nothing is more important to a business than the return on its investment.

 5. Brand Development – SUIMS develops the brand through a well-designed website, valuable content, and a highly engaging social media account.

 6. Networking Opportunities – SUIMS has a large base audience including people from almost every field of career, which may prove to be a valuable asset (customer) in the near future for your business.

 7. 24×7 Services – SUIMS is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

About US

Step Up Institutional & Marketing Services (SUIMS) is a well established Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi, that provides quality education in the field of Digital Marketing. It also renders its digital marketing services to businesses in India. SUIMS is a subsidiary platform of Step Up Student, which is one of the leading online education portals.